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20 years back, when we started exercising, there were few fitness centres and no guidance regarding training and nutrition. We gathered information from fitness magazines and training videos which had to be imported, as such materials were not available in India.

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What We Do

Since 2003, founded by highly respected fitness & bodybuilding professionals Sachin Dandekar & Reshma Bhoir, Hardcore has been providing a complete Gym set-up solutions including design & manufacture of high quality & Bio-Mechanically calibrated training equipment.

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We are Hardcore Fitness Equipment , One-Stop-Solution for setting up Professional Gyms, Corporate Fitness Clubs, Home Gyms, and Garden Gyms.

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Equipment that works the muscle without overstressing the joints or connective tissue lets us push ourselves to our limit without fear of injury. Hence as manufacturers, our focus stays on the Biomechanism for optimum results and safety of the users.

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