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    About Us

    ECube Global College established in 2010, is an institution of higher learning dedicated to global enrichment and meeting the ever evolving needs of our diverse community. With an emphasis on dynamic curriculums, innovative programs and technology integrated learning, we are committed to being a pioneer in the field of career-centric education.

    ECube is supported by our diverse network of scholastic institutions; CP Goenka International School and Swami Vivekanand International Schools and Colleges, headed by Mr. Sandeep Goenka. At ECube, we empower our students to excel academically as well as personally, as they hone their critical thinking and practical skills to help them collaborate effectively, communicate efficiently and lead successfully. The name ECube is an acronym for Enlighten, Enrich and Empower. These three elements comprise the cornerstones of the institution and act as true north for all its endeavours.

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    What people have to say about ECube


    Mayuresh Mhatre

    E-Cube Global College is the best solution for foreign education. It helped me to complete my course with ease and I’ve learned a lot. Thank you E-Cube Global College to make my future bright.


    Aashish Gokani

    E-Cube Global College has given me a platform for adapting practical studies which I feel is the best way to gain knowledge and get a successful life.

    At E-Cube, we study in a fun learning atmosphere which helps the students to understand the concept quite well.

    Also the management and the faculties are always extra supportive in every circumstance.

    Proud to be a member of the E-Cube family.


    Anirudh Barkol

    E-Cube Global College gives a wider amount of opportunities for a student to learn and choose a stream to follow.

    The international studies helps one to know about a particular curriculum deeply which would benefit the students overall knowledge about the subject.

    The faculties are professionals and are having a good amount of skill sets and talent as they are teaching us these international studies.

    E-Cube Global College would also support students who want to expand their careers in sports, dance and other different curriculum/non-curriculum activities


    Kunwar Singh

    The college provides the best and up to date course with proper format and detailing. Curriculum is very strong enough to make yourself educated regarding any particular subjects, topics or content. The lectures/teaching is updated every year according to the industrial requirements. The teaching staff consists of highly qualified teachers.


    Jainish Rathod

    My Experience in E-Cube Global College:

    Joining the E-Cube Global College Computing, the faculty of the college has helped me to learn and develop the programming skills in a practical and theoretical way. The syllabus of the college allowed me to have skills which are most needed in the Tech Industry, and because of the amazing pattern of teaching it helped me in achieving a Distinction Profile for my final year abroad.

    boss (2)

    Shivam Dubey

    Ex Student

    I had an amazing time learning and graduating at Northumbria University, all thanks to Ecube Team and staff, they helped to fulfil my dreams.


    Anjali Sharma


    Ecube is a comprehensive learning solution for ambitious people. Each course curriculum is designed keeping students in mind which ultimately helps the overall development of a person.

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